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Your Helpful Guide to Self-Storage

Store America | August 6, 2018 @ 12:00 AM


  • Your renters or homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover items in self-storage. Why take a chance, for a small monthly charge you can insure your belongings.
  • Climate control or regular storage: Regular storage is our traditional low cost advantage with drive up access to your unit to store items not sensitive to storage and temperature.  Climate controlled storage is our premium product that is especially designed to store sensitive items such as books/paper, artwork/paintings, finer furniture, pharmaceuticals or anything else you want safely stored in a space without the risk of freeze/thaw or blistering temperatures.
  • Packing Supplies: Paper, bubble wrap, tape, rope, drop cloths, sheets, furniture covers, pallets, skids, dehumidifiers, file boxes or storage carton.  Most of these items are also available for sale in our stores.
  • Fill containers and boxes to capacity: Partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse.  Protect your fragile goods with packing and place them near the top of your storage space.
  • Labels: Keep a list of labeled boxes at your home or office for easy reference when you need to locate your goods.
  • Pack Carefully: Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation.  Place a pallet on the concrete floors and do not lean items up against the walls.  Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for easy access.  Use all the space available, including the height and place frequently used goods near the door.


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