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This November, You Can Be Thankful for These Dorm Cleaning Tips

Store America | October 26, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Dorm

Get rid of all the clutter.

All those papers, books and school supplies can clutter a space pretty quickly. Toss out any papers that you don’t need, and arrange your books and supplies in a neat, organized way.

A mini vacuum gets all those crumbs.

A dorm room is cramped enough without bringing in and storing a large vacuum in the corner. A mini vacuum provides enough power to clean up any crumbs and debris without taking up much storage space.

Clean your surfaces with disinfecting wipes.

You don’t need to buy numerous products to clean your dorm. With some disinfecting wipes, you can easily wipe down your desk, shelves and other hard surfaces and keep them clean and sanitized.

Organization is key.

It’s easy for a small room to become disorganized and cluttered if you toss your clothes on the floor or don’t put away your things after using them. Keep your dirty clothes in a hamper to prevent an unnecessary mess, and make sure to wash them once a week to avoid creating a foul smell in your dorm. By keeping things out of the way but easily within reach, you’ll enjoy a clean space and know exactly where things are.

Once it’s clean, keep it clean.

A clean room doesn’t stay clean on its own. You’ll have to wipe things down once a week, put your belongings away every day and keep things off the floor if you want to maintain an organized space.

Store America Helps You Create More Space in Your Dorm

Decluttering doesn’t mean throwing things away. With Store America, you can store your belongings and make more space in your dorm. Our climate-controlled storage units maintain a comfortable temperature and protect your belongings until you need them again.

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